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Matching health tech companies and students

• Is your business facing challenges that need thorough investigation?

• We have the solution: student project that investigates the issue and comes up with a well-researched solution

• The advantages of the solution are: you free up resources in your company to focus on core competencies, you get assistance for free and a thorough investigation of the problem.

• Students gain a hands-on experience of business problems and a relevant problem to solve for their student projects.

• Depending on the scale of the problem, the project assigned could be a report of 15 pages (7,5 ECST) or a thesis of  min 70 pages (30 ECTS)


Do you face challenges in finding a meaningful project this semester? Do you want to conduct a thorough investigation for a company that expects real solutions?

Contact us and we will match you with the group of students.

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