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Case Competition 2022

7th to 26th of March 2022


This year, CBS Health is partnering with the Asia-Europe Business Challenge platform to bring you the 2022 Case Competition, sponsored  by Djøf.

AE Business Challenge is an international business case competition held virtually with students of the Copenhagen Business School and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The competition aims to create meaningful connections and a cross-cultural experience with students across the two universities by matching them into the same teams to solve real-life global business cases from AE's case company. This year the theme is digitalization of consumer healthcare which has become increasingly important during the worldwide pandemic.

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Digital health tools have enabled patients to better monitor their health and stay connected with healthcare professionals without the need of physical presence. This means improved accessibility, efficiency and affordability. This development is revolutionizing healthcare, and we want to know more about it.

This year’s AE Business Challenge theme, Digital Health, will develop students’ interests in the industry while upholding a comprehensive and holistic experience for the participants in developing case-cracking skills and industry knowledge with workshops and professional insight sessions.


Practical Information

The challenge will be held virtually across all workshops. However, the finale will be open to all viewers with the link - so don't hesitate to invite your family and friends! 

Moreover, the finale will be followed by an in-person networking event on CBS campus in for all those present in Copenhagen. 

14th of February – Open Application Process
2nd of March at 18:00 DKT – Application closes
7th of March – Start of the challenge

8th of March – Consulting in health tech industry – Workshop 1
10th of March – Networking Event online for both CBS and HKUST        

16th of March – Today’s Health tech industry – Workshop 2

21nd of March – Workshop 3 & Case launch

21st - 24th of March at 18:00 DKT – Working on the Case

25th of March at 12:00 DKT - Three finalist teams are picked and informed (the judges will give a grade for the cases on their own, the best performed will be chosen)

26th of March at 12:00 DKT – Case Finale
Stay tuned for more detailed info on our guest speakers and exact hourly schedules for each day!
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